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Any person who applies for a place as a student at the  Equine Technician Programme and Equine Horse Tamer Course offered at the Haras  Ampascachi  Equestrian Centre shall undergo a pre-selection process prior to the final instance to be admitted to the course of studies. During this pre-selection process the applicants shall undergo the following instances:

  1. Submit curriculum vitae to the Ampascachi Equine Taming School, including all personal data, diplomas obtained, Spanish level, work experience and a brief description of any background knowledge related to horses.
  2. Clearly state in the curriculum vitae if he or she is interested in taking up the Spanish intensive course (three months duration) which is offered to non-Spanish speakers prior and independently from the commencement of the Taming Programme offered at the Haras Ampascahi Equestrian Centre.
  3. Have a personal interview and a psycho technique evaluation to determine the personality traits in relation to the skills of taming and horse handling. This instance will be done in Spanish and English in a call conference.
  4. Notify the Centre if they accept to continue with the admission process, after they have been notified by email of the pre admission to the programme.
  5. Send by email a level and horse riding skills certificate in the gait, trot and gallop modes issued by a certified Horse riding Centre in the country of origin of the applicant.  This certification must include a grade detailed as good, very good or excellent in the level and horse riding skills of the applicant; besides, it must be signed by a certified instructor who is dully authorized for horse riding teaching and by the legal representative of the entity.
  6. Submit by email a certificate of level in horse riding within a maximum period of time of 30 days from the date the applicant is notified he or she has been pre selected.
  7. The pre-selected applicant is offered to obtain the level and horse riding skills certificate at the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre.  As the number of places to take the Equine Technician Programme and Equine Horse Tamer Course offered at the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre is limited, the Equestrian Centre shall not guarantee a definite place to the pre-selected applicant in the course requested.
  8. At the time that the Equine Taming School has the complete list of admitted students and the necessary documentation of each applicant, the School will contact all the admitted applicants about a place at the School.
  9. In case of acceptance of the place, the applicant is required to pay an amount equivalent to two-month period, in concept of enrollment fee, within a maximum term of XXX days, as from the notification date of his or her admission as student of the Taming School.
  10. In the event of non-payment, the School reserves the right to offer the place to the following applicant in the application list.
  11. Commencement date for classes every year shall be in the month of September.
  12. Appear at the commencement date of the course or dully justify the reasons for their incapacity of doing so on said date. If the applicant is unable to comply with the requirement described hereinbefore, the Equine Taming School reserves the right to keep the amount paid in concept of enrollment fee of the place.
  13. Pay again an equivalent of two- months period in concept of enrollment fee for the following year in the event that the admitted applicant has booked a place and he or she is unable to attend on the commencement date of the course on the grounds of a justified cause, and the applicant decides on the option of starting the following year. This procedure shall be accepted just once and the applicant shall not be entitled to claim any compensation if he or she fails to appear at the date of commencement of the course the following year.
  14. The Equine Taming School shall not charge the applicant any money for being part of the selection process, interviews, psycho technical evaluation, or any other instance in the selection process the applicant might undergo.
  15. Pay for the total costs of the level and horse riding skills certificate.
  16. The Equine Taming School at the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre reserves the right to suspend the participant during the training process in the event of bad performance in the learning process, the horse riding level is notoriously lower to the level certified by the certificate awarded, bad behaviour or non-compliance with any of the operating rules and duties set forth by the School. In any of the cases described hereinbefore, the Equine Taming School shall not reimburse the money paid by the suspended applicant.

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