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The Equine Taming School at the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre, offers the Equine Technician Programme and Equine Horse Tamer Course to participants from all over the world who would like to become professional horse tamers.

The programme includes a part of theoretical studies which is perfectly integrated with the practical application of the contents and knowledge instructed. Students complete their studies and work as Interns and interact with a number of horses which are assigned to each course. At the end of the formative course the students are evaluated on the knowledge gained and the basic skills for taming and training at least four different horses.

The entire programme is developed with Peruvian Paso Horses and Trotting Horses owned by the Haras Ampascahi Equestrian Centre.  The aim is to train integral professionals who are able to promote the advancement and development which today is seen in the horse industry in Argentina and which has acquired international scale.

professional horse tamer trained at the Haras Ampascahi Equestrian Centre is fully trained to develop any activity at equestrian clubs, companies related to the breeding, taming, training of horses, equestrian schools as instructors, or in companies related to equestrian or rural tourism, etc.

Duration: 18 months

Requirements: Minimum compliance with 85% of the theoretical and practical programme, in addition to the final project

Degree: Diploma in Equine Technician and Equine Horse Tamer.  Certification awarded by the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre.

Place and course of studies: The classes and practices of the Equine Taming School are performed in the premises of the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre, with the herd of Peruvian Paso Horses and Trotting Horses of the Centre.  The entire programme is performed under the Internship System where the student works Monday through Friday for eight hours a day and learns all the concepts and techniques related to the taming and training of horses.

Language: The entire programme is given in Spanish

Evaluations: The evaluation process is continuous, with term tests and final tests which will enable the instructors to check on the progress of each of the students along the whole learning process.

Accommodation: The entire programme is done under an Internship System. The participants stay during the 18 months of the duration of the programme at the premises of the Equestrian Centre.  The students will be provided with the best accommodation and the comfort of the place, in addition to full- pension accommodation.

The Equine Technician Programme and Equine Horse Tamer Course includes in each of the subjects a theoretical part which will be taught together with the practical activities.

For the activities related to horse taming and training, each student will be given a certain number of horses of the herd of the Equestrian Centre.  In the first part of the programme  trained horses are provided to the students and they are instructed on the basis of taming, training, horse handling and touch development skills. In the second part, students are given wild horses so that they can both go along all the stages of taming and training learned during the first part.

Each student will be responsible for the horses given as regards the care given to the animal from feeding to horseshoeing or hoof trimming, depending on the case, while they are training in the premises under the supervision of our professional staff of the Equine Taming School and/or the staff of the Equestrian Centre.

The Equine Technician Programme and Equine Horse Tamer Course which has duration of 18 months offers:

  1. Theory and practices on Taming techniques
  2. Theory and Practices on classical horse riding (training)
  3. Core subjects: Ethology, Veterinary, Nutrition, Genetics, Farm management, etc.
  4. Handling and communication with the horses (untickling, making habits, horseshoeing and hoof trimming, vaccination, etc.)
  5. Internship system with accommodation and full board
  6. Intensive Spanish Training Course for students who do not speak the Spanish language prior to the commencement of the formative programme

In the last part of the programme, each student will continue with the horseback taming stage of the four horses he or she has tamed by hand. This training will enable the student to lead the horses to reach the adjustment capacity and any other testing required in the discipline of training Paso and Trotting horses. Students are required to successfully accomplish all the process with the four horses so as to be awarded the degree of Equine Tamer.

The Equine Taming School at the Haras Ampascahi Equestrian Centre is responsible for:

  1. Providing all the equipment, materials, infrastructure and the necessary horses for the completion of the formative programme.
  2. Providing to each of the students admitted to the programme with accommodation and meals on full board basis for the 18 months of the duration of the programme.
  3. The Haras Ampascahi Equestrian Centre offers to the students the best premises for their stay in rooms with shared bathrooms, heating, dinners, horse riding tracks, classrooms, forging places, veterinary clinics, etc.
  4. Offering to the training staff and experienced training assistants the possibility of having the total support and communication with highly qualified professionals in the field during the duration of the programme

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