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A horse tamer is a person who is responsible for enabling the communication link which is necessary between human beings and horses since the moment they are born or young in age to the time they are ready for horse rides or they have acquired the necessary movements to perform their tasks and have a social relation.

Traditionally, horse taming has been a vocational and empirical activity characteristic of people who have been in close contact with these animals since childhood or from a young age, without receiving any training at a programme available in the specialist market.  Horse tamers have developed inborn skills to communicate with horses by mainly supporting their knowledge on personal experiences and no scientific grounds. This situation might sometimes bring positive results; however, in some other cases it might cause irreparable damage to the horses.

The Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre, which is an institution of more than 20 years of professional experience in the breeding, taming, and training of the Peruvian Paso Horses, offers to each person who is passionate about horses and comes from any part of the world the opportunity of being trained and obtain a certification as Equine Technician and Equine Horse Tamer at the Equine Taming School.

The main objective of the Equine Taming School is to prepare fully qualified professional horse tamers on a scientific and practical basis as regards horse taming and training techniques, in addition to providing good rider training and vast equine-related knowledge such as breeding, nutrition, horseshoeing techniques, veterinarian knowledge, ethology, management of breeding studs, etc.

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