Apart from being a breeding place for Peruvian Paso Horses, the Haras Ampascachi is an Equestrian Centre located in one of the most beautiful and wildest places in the Cordobés territory which is just two hours of distance from Córdoba International Airport.

It is an estancia of eight hectares in size, dating from mid-XIX century, which is provided with modern and suitable infrastructure for the breeding, taming, and training of the Peruvian Paso Horses.

The Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre, is an estancia inhabited by professionals of more than 20 years of experience who devote time to the breeding, taming, and training of the horses experts called the “best saddle of the world”, the Peruvian Paso Horses. 

The Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre is focused on three directions:

  1. It offers to the visitors of the  Ampascachi Equestrian Tourism Programme, the necessary number of horses used for all horse rides and the equestrian routes along the Argentinean territory.
  2. It is considered the professional reference in the breeding, taming, and training of the Peruvian Paso Horses.
  3. It has a Equine Taming School , where each visitor is given all the necessary knowledge about the different techniques used in the breeding, taming, and training of the horses. This allows the students to finish their stay here with the necessary practice and knowledge to become professional tamers.

Infrastructurally speaking, the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian Centre offers a pleasant  stay at the old house to each visitor who takes part in the  Ampascachi Equestrian Tourism Programme and to the students from the Equine Taming School . The old house was built in the middle of the XIX century and it has exclusive and comfortable rooms, as well as modern premises which are used for the breeding, taming, and training our horses.

Ampascachi Horse Riding Holidays offers routes on horseback for riders with different levels of experience. The equestrian routes take place around the Centre and North of Argentina, being able to travel on horseback of the Peruvian Paso horses along the Valle de Traslasierra in the province of Córdoba, the Valle de Lerma, the Valles Calchaquíes, Cachí and Cafayate in the Province of Salta and the Quebrada Humahuaca in the Province of Jujuy