The Peruvian Paso Horses considered by the experts as the “best saddle in the world”, is an authentic jewel of the equestrian world, inherited from the Viceroyalty of Peru and a result of five hundred years of natural and functional selection.

Its heredity combines traces of the Berebere horse which give this breed much resistance and an ambling tendency like the Andaluzian breed. This is shown in its proud gait and the airs above the ground which, together with its adaptation to the land of the American continent, clearly shows a new breed that is more resistant and has an elegant walk.

The main characteristic of the Peruvian Paso Horse is its “ambling gait”, a side walk or broken ambling which gives the horse smooth movements and a pace in four times. This type of walk enables the horse to keep its centre of gravity almost still and delights the observer with the chance of looking at a soft and harmonious gait, a haughty and proud look, and comfortable ambling in long distance routes.

In these animated images you can clearly observe the movements of Peruvian Paso Horses when they advance, showing an imperceptible movement on the back. You can also see the vertical movement of their backs when the movement is of a trotting horse.

Ambling gait

In this animated picture we can see the imperceptible movement of the back done by a Peruvian Paso Horse when advancing at an ambling gait. We can also observe the vertical movement of the horseback, in any other breed, when it advances in the trotting mode.

In the year 2004 all the premises of the property were remodeled into the Haras Ampascachi Equestrian CentreWe improved the conditions of a wonderful park park, re-distributed some green areas, and adapt some places for breeding purposes and for training and animal exhibition, too. All changes made aimed at guaranteeing the well-being of the animals and improving the techniques and the professional work done during the breeding, taming, and training of the Peruvian Paso Horses.  Meantime, the old colonial manor house was remodeled and redesigned for welcoming all the visitors.